Video: Woman hurls racial slurs at bagel shop worker


作者:FOX 5 NY Staff     来源:New York, NY     阅读模式:只看译文

NEW YORK - A video from inside a bagel shop on the Lower East Side captured a disturbing incident of a woman without a mask using racist slurs at a worker behind the counter. Jack Weil, who captured the video at Essex Market on Sunday morning, said the incident was upsetting. He said the woman, who had four children with her, became belligerent because the worker told her she needed to put on a mask before ordering. But she refused and then called the employee a racist slur and yelled at other workers and customers. A spokesperson for the New York City Economic Development Corporation, which oversees the market, said "hate has no place" in the city or in the properties it manages. "The customer who perpetrated this incident was repeatedly asked to leave the facility and did so as we were notifying the NYPD," spokesperson Chris Singleton said in an email to FOX 5 NY. "We have reached out to the impacted vendor and security team to offer our support and commitment to ensuring a safe environment at the Market."

发言人Chris Singleton在给福克斯5纽约频道的一封电子邮件中说:“我们多次要求制造这起事件的顾客离开该设施,而且我们在通知纽约警察局的时候就这么做了。”“我们已经接触到受影响的供应商和安全团队,提供我们的支持和承诺,以确保市场的安全环境。”