New Brunswick focuses on int’l student retention


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A province of Canada has launched its own million-dollar retention program specifically for international students, including resource and support provisions. The program, which has been coined Study and Succeed, has the aim of “increasing availability of skilled labour” by retaining international students after graduation, amid a country-wide labour shortage. “Not only are international students a critical component of our talent pipeline, they also contribute immensely to making our province more diverse and inclusive,” said Arlene Dunn, minister for Opportunities NB, the provincial government’s growth accelerator. She also mentioned that growing New Brunswick’s initial “population base” would be essential to addressing workforce needs – and access is “crucial for NB companies of every size”. The announcement also said that the program will offer access to resources, support and connections “needed to launch a successful career and fulfilling life” in New Brunswick province. The move comes after what was a more successful uptick in enrolments than expected in Atlantic Canada, announced in November 2022. The initiative is due to last three years, and builds on the previous Study and Stay pilot program that ran in New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Finishing in 2021, it was heralded as a success, and the Study and Succeed program exclusive to New Brunswick is expected to take in nine cohorts of 100 international students by its final year in 2026. “International students [are] a critical component of our talent pipeline” Funding for the project comes from both Opportunities NB and the Regional Economic Growth through Innovation program run by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency. Each is investing around $500,000. Announced during a conference from January 6-8 in Fredericton, the city’s MP Jenica Atwin said the government was “proud to support projects” like Study and Succeed. We are proud to have held the first Study and Succeed in New Brunswick conference to mark the launch of the Study and Succeed in New Brunswick program! — Opportunities NB (@ONBCanada) January 10, 2023 “[They provide] international graduate students with the tools, training, and professional contacts they need to stay in New Brunswick,” Atwin explained. “By creating the right networks and opportunities, we are fostering inclusion and strengthening our vibrant, diverse communities,” she added. The Regional Economic Growth through Innovation program, while being used in this provincial instance, is a national initiative to bolster industrial and technology “clusters” and innovation ecosystems in regions across Canada.

该项目是研究和成功的,其目标是在全国范围内劳动力短缺的情况下,通过在毕业后留住国际学生来 “增加熟练劳动力的供应”。
“国际学生不仅是我们人才渠道的重要组成部分,他们也为使我们的省更加多样化和包容做出了巨大贡献,” 省政府增长加速器opportunity NB部长Arlene Dunn说。
她还提到,不断增长的新不伦瑞克省最初的 “人口基础” 对于满足劳动力需求至关重要,而准入对于 “各种规模的NB公司都至关重要”。
公告还说,该计划将提供在新不伦瑞克省 “开展成功的职业和充实的生活所需的资源,支持和联系”。
完成2021年后,它被认为是成功的,新不伦瑞克省独有的 “学习与成功” 计划预计将在最后一年的2026年中招募9名100名国际学生。
“国际学生 [是] 我们人才管道的重要组成部分”
该项目的资金来自机会NB和加拿大大西洋机会局运营的 “通过创新计划实现区域经济增长”。每人投资约500,000美元。
该市议员詹妮卡·阿特温 (Jenica Atwin) 在弗雷德里克顿 (Fredericton) 1月6至8日的一次会议上宣布,政府 “为支持研究和成功等项目感到自豪”。
-机会NB (@ ONBCanada) 2023年1月10日
“他们为国际研究生提供了留在新不伦瑞克省所需的工具,培训和专业联系,” Atwin解释说。
她补充说: “通过创建正确的网络和机会,我们正在促进包容性,并加强我们充满活力的多元化社区。”
通过创新实现区域经济增长计划,虽然在这一省级实例中使用,但它是一项国家举措,旨在加强加拿大各地区的工业和技术 “集群” 和创新生态系统。