Pathway providers sign new global partnerships


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Traditional pathway providers have announced new agreements with institutions while other competing companies are introducing new offers to the market. In the UK, Cambridge Education Group has revealed a new partnership with Loughborough University, while Canada’s Braemar College has announced an extension of its partnership with the University of Toronto, in the form of the Toronto Pathway. Study Group has recently also renewed its decade-long partnership University College Dublin, and the Dublin International Study Centre will now run until at least 2026. Managing director for UK and Europe at the pathway provider, James Pitman, said the extended agreement will offer Study Group and UCD the “opportunity to expand and diversify our recruitment ambitions together as we continue to widen student participation in global education post-pandemic”. “[The agreement is] a real vote of confidence in our partnership” The agreement is “a real vote of confidence in our partnership”, he added. LeapScholar has also now launched its latest hybrid partnership targeting Indian students that it says will offer an engineering pathway “at a much lower cost”. The deal with private research institution Case Western Reserve University in the US will see LeapScholar bring the institution’s Computer Science MS to Indian students. The program will partly be delivered in India and the rest on-campus in Cleveland, Ohio, with the partners promoting the opportunity for STEM degree graduates to qualify for a three-year post-study work visa upon graduation. The hybrid format will reduce the cost of the program by almost 40% (approximately US$39,996), they added, and the need for GRE/GMAT and English proficiency test scores has been waived. “With the demand for STEM programs rising, the latest partnership with CWRU will bring their popular engineering program to Indian students in a hybrid format, and at a much lower cost,” Vaibhav Singh, co-founder of Leap said, of the program starting August 2023. The Charles H. Phipps dean of the Case School of Engineering, Venkataramanan “Ragu” Balakrishnan, added that the “innovative hybrid learning platform… leverages the unique assets of the graduate engineering programs in both institutions to deliver high-quality education and strengthens the CWRU presence in India”. In the UK, CEG’s partnership with Loughborough is an “exciting development” in the institution’s internationalisation plan, according to vice-chancellor and president, Nick Jennings. Under the agreement, Loughborough will join CEG’s ONCAMPUS portfolio, which has 22 partnerships worldwide, to create a dedicated on-campus education centre. It will give international students a pathway to a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, with the first students set to be welcomed from September 2023. “Expanding the international diversity of our university community and offering a more culturally enriching experience for all our students and staff are key aims of our strategic plan,” Jennings said. “The partnership with CEG will enable us to take a significant step forward in that ambition, and also help us to grow our global reputation.” Competitor, INTO University Partnerships, has recently developed an in-country pathway model, which will see the provider open University Access Centres in markets worldwide. NCUK has partnered with The Royal Colosseum and Beaconhouse International College, both in Pakistan, to deliver foundation year courses. But on-campus is still important for pathway providers. For example, OIEG and Kaplan signed new partnerships in the US and Australia in 2022. Like Study Group and UCD, which have been collaborating for a number of years, Braemar College has extended a long-standing agreement with University of Toronto. The partners have been formally working together since 2014, and the new program takes the collaboration to the next level, Blair McDonald, director of Braemar College, said. “With the Toronto Pathway, we’ve put everything we learned into one exclusive program” “Over the years, Braemar College has sent more students to the University of Toronto than to any other university in Canada,” he said. The program “provides full-spectrum support”, including one-on-one tutoring across subject fields, language proficiency tutoring and testing, detailed monthly reports to parents, and admissions support. Braemar saw a growing demand for an “enhanced pathway to get ambitious students ready for Canada’s top university” after the disruption of the pandemic, McDonald continued. “With the Toronto Pathway, we’ve put everything we learned into one exclusive program. We’ve designed it not only to prepare students to meet the University of Toronto’s challenging entrance criteria. “It also gives our students the essential skills they’ll need—not just to survive their undergraduate programs, but to thrive.”

在英国,剑桥教育集团(Cambridge Education Group)透露了与拉夫堡大学(Loughborough University)的新合作伙伴关系,而加拿大的Braemar College宣布以多伦多途径(Toronto Pathway)的形式延长与多伦多大学的合作伙伴关系。
pathway provider的英国和欧洲董事总经理詹姆斯·皮特曼(James Pitman)表示,延长的协议将为Study Group和UCD提供“随着我们继续扩大学生对大流行后全球教育的参与,共同扩大和多样化我们招聘雄心的机会”。
Leap的联合创始人Vaibhav Singh在谈到2023年8月开始的STEM项目时表示:“随着STEM项目需求的上升,与CWRU的最新合作将以混合形式,以低得多的成本,为印度学生带来他们受欢迎的工程项目。”
凯斯工程学院院长Charles H.Phipps Venkataramanan“Ragu”Balakrishnan补充说,“创新的混合学习平台……利用两所机构研究生工程项目的独特资产来提供高质量的教育,并加强CWRU在印度的存在”。
在英国,副校长兼校长尼克詹宁斯(Nick Jennings)表示,CEG与拉夫堡的合作是该机构国际化计划中的一个“令人兴奋的发展”。
竞争对手INTO University Partnerships最近开发了一个国内途径模型,该模型将使提供商在全球市场上开放大学访问中心。NCUK与巴基斯坦的皇家斗兽场和灯塔国际学院合作,提供基础课程。